Melanoma skin cancer treatment


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The best way to treat Melanoma skin cancer is to not get it in the first place. If you do not already have Melanoma skin cancer, there are several things that you can do to make sure you stay that way.

Avoid Exposure to Ultra Violit Light
Avoiding exposure to Ultra violet light is a good way to reduce the likelyhood to not devolping skin cancer. This means using sun tan lotion whenever you are in the sun and avoiding long peroids out and about in the sun. Tanning beds use ultra violet light to give you a sunless tan; should be avoided because they are in some cases worse than the sun itself.

Keep Your Immune System Working
Having a weak immune system puts you at a greater risk of devolping Melanoma skin cancer. There are many things that can decrease your immune system. This includes having diseases such as Acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Avoiding acquiring such dieseases requires that you use protective measures when around blood. Some ways to boast your immune system include having a healthy diet that follows the food eating guidelines, drinking clear liquids such as water and avoiding milk and reducing the amount of sugar you have in your diet.

Avoid Exposure to chemicals
Chemical can cause havac in your body and cause maligant tumours. Planning not to be around chemicals whenever possible is key. This could include not having a job at a chemical plant or work in an industry such as gardening that uses chemicals. You should also avoid prolonged exposure to chemicals whenever possible. This includes when you are spraying for bees or other pests. An even better idea, if you can afford it is to leave the chemicals to the proffessionals.

Avoid Exposure to radiation
Exposure to radition is a bad thing for you. Exposure to radition is known to cause tumors and in some cases maligant tumours. Avoiding bad radition can be as simple as buying non raditating appliances and staying back from the mircowave, television and computer screen which give very low doses of raditiation. Other big considerations would be to not live or work in a nucleur power plant or doctor jobs that constantly use the Xray machine.

Treatment after you have Melonoma Skin Cancer

There are three types of surgeries that can be used to remove Melonoma skin cancer
Simple excision: The tumour is cut out, along with a small amount of normal skin. After the surgery the skin is stitched back together.
Re-excision: More skin is cut away and the area that has been cut away is examined to make sure that no more cancer remains.  This procedure is only done when an excisional biopsy has been done.
Sentinel node biopsy: This is a procudure to check for the where the lympth nodes drain fluid from the melonoma area. The lympth nodes are checked for the spread of melonoma. Currently(2007) this is used for melonomas greater than one milliameter in diameter.

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