Melenoma skin cancer


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The Outer Shell known as the Skin
The skin is the first defense against attack. Therefore if you take care of your skin, it will take care of you when you need it to. Always wear sun screen and stay out of the sun during the hours of ten after midnight to four past midnight. Wear tight light clothes when you have to be out of the sun and stay in the shade. Remembering the rule that the sun Ultraviolet rays are the strongest when your shadow is smaller than yourself is the key to staying Melenoma skin cancer free.

The skins Makeup
Your skin is divided into three layers. The epidermis which is the outer four millimeters. The epidermis protects against the sun and intrusion. The next layer is the dermis. The dermis is where the your pigment cells also known as melonocytes. Melonocytes is where Melenoma skin cancer starts. The dermis also has the blood capillaries, hair follicles, sweat and oil glands are. The layer below the dermis is the hypodermis. The hypodermis contains the fat cells that give the skin its hard texture feel.

Causes of Melenoma Skin Cancer
The main cause of Melenoma skin cancer is the suns ultraviolet light. The two types of ultraviolet light are Ultraviolet A (known as UVA) and Ultraviolet light B( known as UVB). These ultraviolet lights mess with the DNA and RNA in the cell and create a manipulated cell that does not reproduce properly. If the reproduction simply stops than there is little problem. However if the reproduction produces too many cells or other non functional cells you run into a problem. As the cell replicates it creates more and more damaged cells that want to replicate. This is why early detection of Melenoma skin cancer is crucial to avoid limb loss and even death. 

How to Perform a Self Check for Melenoma Skin Cancer
To perform a Melenoma skin cancer self check you will need a full sized mirror that is as tall as you are. Next you will need to look in pits and soles of your body. Starting with your palm of your hands than flip your hands to the other side. Next check your forearms and than lift your elbows up and check your triceps as well as underarms. Next check your face, ears, eyelids and hair. To check the hair use your fingers and brush through the hair feeling for lumps, bumps and scars. If you find one try and look at it in the mirror. If you can not have a friend or your at your next doctors appointment have your doctor check. Next check your legs and then look down and check the backs of your legs. Its rare but in some cases people devolp Melenoma skin cancer on their gentals. So look there as well. Check as well your buttocks. You are looking for bumps and lumps and moles. If you count more than 50 moles you should see a specialist. If you see any moles that are bigger than 6 milliameters seek immediate attention.

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