Non melanoma skin cancer


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What are the Causes of Non Melanoma skin Cancer?
Skin cancer is caused by Ultraviolet light. When you burn, your DNA and RNA are sometime manipulated into a sequence that stops reproduction of cells or in the case of cancer, reproduces too much or incorrectly. This improper reproduction known as cancer spreads as new cells are created with the improper information.

If not treated within a period of time this can spread to other areas of your body though the lymphatic system to vital organs which results in death. Scary as it seems if caught early enough, there is over a eighty percent chance of surviving. This chance of surviving decreases as the cancer spreads and drops to the low rate of thirteen percent. Thats why its important to check yourself routinely, monthly is preferred by doctors.

Who is at Most Risk to get Non Melanoma Skin Cancer?
People with a low Fitzpatrick rating are most likely to get it. There are exactly seven different rating one the Fitzpatrick scale. One being never tans always burns white: this person has the highest risk of catching skin cancer, to four sometimes burns, usually tans, this person is a dark shade of white or a light shade of black who has a low chance of getting skin cancer.

Finally on the Fitzpatrick scale there is seven, which is Dark black sort of like Nightshade black or pitch black. These people have an extremely low chance of getting burned and therefore an extremely low chance of being plagued by Non Melanoma Skin Cancer.
People who have blond or red hair at risk. If you freckle easily your also at greater risk.

What are the treatments for Non Melanoma Skin Cancer?
There are many different methods for removing unwanted Non Melanoma skin cancer. The first being cryosurgery. In Cryosurgery you use liquid nitrogen to freeze the unwanted non Melanoma skin cancer. The liquid nitrogen is cold. Very cold. The nitrogen is at a chilling temperature of 196 below zero Celsius. Using the freezing nitrogen, you “burn” off the unwanted Melanoma skin cancer.

Another way to remove the Non Melanoma skin cancer is with curettage and electro desiccation. Curettage and electro desiccation is where they first cut and then jolt the site with electricity. The 'electric bolts' flying into the wound burn off the surrounding cells around the tumor and help to stop the cancer from ever coming back.
A new type of radiation treatment for non-melanoma skin cancers consists of x rays delivered through the tip of a portable needle-like probe at a high dosage rate. This method allows the radiologist to treat the cancer while sparing the surrounding normal skin.

There are certain creams that can be used to treat cancer. These creams are applied to the infected area and are rubbed on daily. The cream is absorbed by the skin and kills off cancerous cells.

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