Melanoma skin cancer alternative medicine


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The basic treatments for skin cancer are:

Surgery is the most common treatment. It can be done in many forms that include:

Simple excision: Cutting out the tumor and surrounding skin
Cryosurgery: Like the name suggests, this is killing off the infected cells by freezing them off using liquid nitrogen. The liquid nitrogen is very cold, nearly 196 degrees below zero centigrade.
Curettage and electro dessication: Curettage and electro dessication is a combination of two different treatments. First the tumor is cut out and current is applied with a electrical current to kill off all the cancerous cells on the outside of the tumor.
Micro graphic surgery: Is the removing of the skin cells around the tumor while removing as little of the other skin as possible. It leaves a small scare compared to the others and has a higher success rate than the others. It is generally used for higher risk cancers.
Laser surgery: Uses a laser, otherwise known as a highly concentrated beam of light to remove cancer.  It will leave a scar behind.

Melanoma skin cancer Alternative medicine to surgery are:

Chemotherapy is treating cancer with anti cancer drugs. Often the anti cancer drugs are in a skin cream that is rubbed onto the skin.

Systemic chemotherapy
Is a pill or an injection into the cancer patients body. The injection would go into a muscle around the muscle or using intravenous to the vein. This is a system wide attack and will kill off the skin cancer that has spread to other parts of the body.  It causes nausea in some individuals.

Radiation therapy
In Radiation therapy the use of special energy to kill off cancerous cells. This is generally used on people or places that are unable to undergo surgery. This includes the elderly, and places such as the eye lids, the ears and the tip of the nose. This form of treatment is painless and does not expose the person to radioactive poisoning. Radiation however may cause a rash, redness or dryness in the area that has been worked upon. These changes generally go away. It also may change the texture and color. These changes unlike the others that go away actually become more noticeable as years go by.

Photo dynamic Therapy
Photo dynamic therapy uses drugs that pool inside the tumor. When the doctor points a specialized light at the tumor it destroys tumor while not harming surrounding tissue.

Biological Therapy
Biological Therapy attempts to use the patients own natural defense to rid of the cancer. Immune cells are removed from the body and attacked by cancer cells in a test tube. Once the cells have “learned” how to defeat the cancer they are placed back into the patients body. This is experimental, however if you would like to be one of the first to have it, Biological therapy is available in clinical trials.

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