Melanoma skin cancer symptoms


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If you’re wondering if you have or don't have skin cancer it would be useful to check against the following lists for symptoms you have and are lacking. If you have any of the following you may want to see a doctor for a physical examination. If the physical examination proves to find at risk areas than the doctor will most likely recommend a skin biopsy.

It is a good idea to take photographs of your bumps, warts and moles that you suspect are cancerous. Taking photographs will allow the doctors to see if any changes have occurred in your lumps. Taking photographs also lets the doctor have a brief glance at them to see if your fears are founded or not. Sometimes your bumps could be just that. Bumps. Other times unfortunately your fears could be reality. Some of the Symptoms that you may have Melanoma:

Signs of other type of skin cancers
If you have both the chances of you having Melanoma is small. Only about four to five percent of skin cancers are Melanoma.

How to check Yourself
Checking yourself for cancer should be done once a month. You need a full sized mirror to stand in front of and look at yourself. It is recommended by doctors that you do the following:

Bend your elbows and look carefully at your forearms, the back of your upper arms, and your palms. Look at your feet, the soles of your feet, and the spaces between your toes.
Using a hand mirror, look at:

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