Melanoma skin cancer tests diagnosis


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Your Medical History

Your physician will ask when the skin changes occurred and whether you have been exposed to any cancer causing substances such as skin toxic chemicals, radiation and/or high amounts of unprotected sun exposure.

A physical Examination

One way to find out if you have cancer is to look for obvious signs of it. During a physical examination, a doctor will look your body over for suspicious looking growths. The head can be examined by parting the hair with a wooden Popsicle sticks or large tooth picks. You should get a physical examination for skin cancer if you have any of the following conditions:

The conditions that you should get a physical examination include:
Early signs of cancer are a sore that will not heal or changes in warts or moles on your body. The doctor will then evaluate if you have melanoma if you have the following conditions:

Conditions that you may have melanoma are ABCDE:
Other conditions for Melanoma are:
Signs of other type of skin Cancers
Skin Biopsy
The last way to detect skin cancer is with a skin biopsy. Skin Biopsy's are done to check for skin cancers in suspected skin cancer areas. Such as suspicious bumps found during an examination.

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